at the intersection of technology and sanity…

Satisfied Customers

You made it!  I’m glad you are here.  Rest and relax… here you will find about me, some of my projects and interests, my resume, and services I can help provide you or your organization.  I know you have important goals, and many wonderful things you want to do.  Utilizing amazing technology tools shouldn’t be complex and overwhelming.  I am here to help make sense of it all.  We have much to do…  Let’s get to work!

Whether it is technology consulting, needing a trusted technology advisor on topics, such as:

  • new technology integration, workforce transformation
  • “internet of things”
  • mobility tools
  • big data and analytics
  • utilizing high performance computing for design, simulation and research

I have a background in electrical and computer engineering, and over 20 years of technology, consulting, sales and marketing experience with Intel Corporation.  I am able to “speak geek”, and translate things into real, tangible business benefits to help you meet the goals for you and your organization.  Let me know how I can help.

“The most amazing innovators don’t rely on technology alone –
just add more imagination, hard work and an acute sensitivity to people’s needs.”